Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The OHS Local Partnership Program

At the December 15, 2008 meeting of the Friends of the Steel Museum, George Kane from the OHS main office in Columbus discussed the local partnering program with the meeting attendees.

Basically once a local partnership agreement is executed with a local organization, day to day operation of the histoic site is turned over to the partner. Issues such as staffing, hours of operation, programs, exhibits etc. would then become the responsibility of the local partner.

The OHS would still retain ownership of the site, archival materials and collections, and provide curatorial support for the collections at the site. Any capital improvements at the site would be the responsibility of OHS while all funding for the day to day operation of the site would have to come from the local partner.

Of course each partnering agreement would be custom made to fit each situation.

George Kane wanted to add the following response:

I was pleased to be able to attend the Friends meeting on December 15 and meet so many enthusiastic supporters of the Museum. OHS really appreciates your interest and willingness to make the Museum of even greater importance to Youngstown and the state.

I want clear up one misconception that apparently I left with the group. In establishing these local partnership agreements, we recognize that local communities will continue to need operating support from the Society, so it will not be the responsibility of the local partner to find all the funds needed for local operation of the site. The amount that OHS would need to provide each year to the partner would be determined while developing the partnership agreement.

George Kane
Director, Historic Sites and Facilities
Ohio Historical Society

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